Our Services


Sidewalk Paving

Whether you’re looking to repave the sidewalk at your home or business, or looking to revamp and redesign your property’s sidewalk, the expert concrete services offered by our professionals here at Sunrise Concrete, Inc licensed professionals are second to none in the commercial and residential market. Put your best foot forward and be sure to take advantage of our cost-free consultation or schedule your on-site assessment here.



Structural Foundations

Securing the integrity of your house or office is not only important, it’s imperative: having the foundation even, level and adequately poured with concrete ensures your structure will remain safely standing for years to come. Also known as house pads or building pads, these foundations play a pivotal role in any residential or commercial construction because they allow the actual structure being erected to have a secure and supportive groundwork from which to begin construction on.




When a client, be it residential or commercial, decides to renovate or upgrade their home or office, often they choose to expand or revamp areas of their property that require professional flatwork; such as decking, patios, outdoor kitchens and much, much more. If you have additional questions regarding our professional concrete flatwork services or would like to see some of our previous projects, please be sure to visit our portfolio or call us at your convenience.



Garage & Basement

Have a growing family and need to remodel your garage to accommodate the new members? Or perhaps you’ve recently made advances to convert your basement from storage orientation to living quarters? The world-class concrete pouring and leveling services that Sunrise Concrete, Inc offers for our clients are peerless. We treat every concrete project we undertake as if we were completing the updates on our own home.



Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs offer an enormous amount of flexibility for commercial or residential construction projects because they can be precast or cast on site, depending on the project’s particulars. With over 30 years of concrete experience, the experts here at Sunrise Concrete, Inc are your one-stop shop for any concrete needs: custom slabs, casts, pours, and molds.




Having a clean and pristine driveway not only lends an added visual appeal to your property, but it also helps maintain the overall integrity of the property as well reduces any unnecessary vehicle “wear & tear” commonly associated with having a rugged and shotty driveway. We excel in new driveway pours, repairing current driveways as well as demolition and disposal of any debris or excess concrete.